How To Keep Your Workplace Clean And Hygienic During Covid-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 has entered our lives unexpectedly, changing the way we used to live. This outbreak has changed our mindset and made us more aware of our health. While most of the employers have enforced the employees to work from home, several workplaces like warehouses, small offices, businesses, etc. don’t have WFH as an option.

For those workplaces who haven’t implemented the ‘work from home’ option, keeping the place clean and hygienic has become more important than ever. But, what can workplaces do to ensure the health and hygiene of the employees? Keep reading to know!

Promote Hand Hygiene And Respiratory Etiquettes

First and foremost, make hand hygiene a priority in your office. Educate your employees about effective handwashing practices, for example, washing for at least 20 seconds. Furthermore, encourage them to cover sneezes and coughs with a tissue or cloth rather than a bare hand.

If tissue paper is not available, coughing into a sleeve or elbow is a better alternative than a bare hand. Also, it is crucial to ensure that supplies, like soap, tissues, and sanitizers, are available for employees to use. Post all these suggestions in bathrooms, break rooms, hallways, near elevators, or other high-traffic areas.

Look For Professional NYC Couch Steam Cleaning

Cleaning and sanitizing the upholstery has never been easier or more eco-friendly than steam cleaning. Not only the professional steam clean couch makes the place safer, but it also eliminates the chemical residues that may be present in the fabric. Also, it helps the environment by minimizing the number of chemicals that get washed down the drain.

The NYC couch steam cleaning technicians are experts in cleaning surfaces in both commercial and residential places. Some of them also offer deep cleaning for surfaces, such as hospital-grade sanitizers that are proven to kill bacteria and viruses.

One significant benefit of using chemical-free steam cleaning is that you will never have to decide on cleaning supplies, floor polisher, tile blaster, etc. A steam cleaner is the only cleaning tool that fulfills a variety of cleaning needs. The best thing is, it eliminates even the trickiest of the bacteria.

The Importance Of Upholstery Cleaning In The Office

Vacuuming or wiping down the upholstery furniture is important for keeping the office smelling and looking good. Office upholstery gets more wear and tear than furniture in your home. On average, you and your employees spend more time in the workplace. Thus, the office upholstery should receive professional deep steam cleaning at least once or twice a year.

When stains get grounded into the fabric, it decreases the furniture’s life span, making it look bad. Moreover, upholstery collects a lot of pollutants naturally, especially dust mite. Aside from dust, it attracts different types of allergens or harmful organisms, such as bacteria, mold, viruses, or pollen.

Each time you sit on a sofa or chair, the microorganisms get released into the environment. Steam deep cleaning removes dust and microorganisms, keeping the surface clean and hygienic for everyone.

Why Is Steam Clean Preferred For Cleaning Upholstery?

Vapor steam cleaning is a preferred cleaning method for people with asthma, allergies, or chemical sensitivities. It is a healthier, simpler, and more cost-effective choice than the other traditional cleaning choices. Some of the benefits of using a steam cleaner for deep cleaning your couch or upholstery are-

  • It is a chemical-free cleaning.
  • You’ll spend less on cleaning supplies.
  • It kills and destroys even the tiniest allergens, like dust mites.

Perform Regular Workplace Cleaning

Keeping the place clean and hygienic will go a long way in preventing the spread of the virus. So, make sure that all the frequently touched objects, such as desks, countertops, keyboards, doorknobs, water coolers, kitchen area, light switches, etc. are cleaned regularly.

Use good-quality cleaning agents that are effective at disinfecting these areas or other equipment. Also, provide the employees with disposable wipes to wipe down the commonly used surfaces before each use.

Implement A Health And Hygiene Policy

Create a hygiene policy that states the expectations of hygiene in the workplace. The employees should sign this policy to ensure that they are aware of the hygiene expectations and practices your workplace has put in place. It is the most important thing the workplaces who have kept their doors open to the employees should consider.

Below are the things you can include in hygiene policy-

Basic Hygiene

This is something everyone should practice. Some of the points to include are-

  • Avoid physical contact with co-workers.
  • Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds.
  • Sanitise the hands regularly.
  • Keep at least 1.5m distance from the others.
Clean Washrooms

After using the washroom, the employees should clean it. While it is hard to find hand sanitisers, cleaning supplies, wipes, or soaps, do what you can to keep the bathrooms clean.

Hygiene Products

When it comes to cleaning products, you may find it hard to provide. If your workplace is running low on sanitisers or other cleaning supplies, communicate with your employees about this. One solution is that the employees can bring some spare supplies.

Encourage The Sick Employees To Stay Home

If employees are showing any signs of cough, fever, cold, or other respiratory problems, they should be allowed to stay home until the symptoms disappear. Make sure that the sick leave policies are flexible and the employees are aware of them.

Communicate with your service providers and contract employees about your policies. If your policy requires a validation or doctor’s note to approve sick leave, change it for the short-term. Flexible policies will allow the employees to look after the sick family members or work from home.


Keeping the office or workplace clean and healthy for preventing the spread of COVID 19 is a concern for many businesses. However, by following the tips mentioned above, you can keep your place clean and ensure the safety of your employees.

If your office has a couch or furniture with upholstery, we recommend you hire a professional steam cleaning company to extract the dirt from inside these porous surface.