Got a Dirty Couch? Benefits of Steam Cleaning Your Couch vs. Replacing It

dirty couch that needs steam cleaning

Couches are where American families spend most of their time on the weekends and late in the evenings during the weekdays. As such, these pieces of furniture can become quite dingy and beat up over time.

Rather than throw out your old couch, you can breathe new life into it by cleaning it. A professionally steam cleaned couch takes on a whole new life. Here is how you clean it and what the benefits are of cleaning it versus replacing it.


Benefits of Choosing Couch Steam Cleaning Over Purchasing a New Couch

First and foremost, it doesn’t take much to realize that purchasing a new couch in New York City isn’t easy or cheap. You have to check several furniture stores to find something you like and something you can afford. Even if you are able to find something that is both nice to look at and affordable, do you know how you are going to get it to your apartment or your home?

Not all furniture stores deliver, which is how they can manage to sell couches at three to seven hundred dollars in the Big Apple. That leaves you with finding a moving truck or delivery company that can pick up your new couch and bring it to your residence. That’s another hundred dollars at least.

Then there is the difficulty of trying to get the old couch out and get the new couch in. It brings to mind the episode of “Friends” where Ross is trying to get his new couch into his apartment and keeps yelling “Pivot!” going up several flights of stairs in his apartment building. Can you really do that along with affording the delivery fees and costs of new furniture? Probably not.

If you opt for steam cleaning couch professionals can save you hundreds of dollars and a ton of anxiety. Steam cleaning your couch also kills the majority of germs and bacteria that can make your couch smell bad and/or make you ill. Steam cleaning couch services can remove years of pet fur, dander, dust, and allergens while adding other treatments to keep the couch cleaner and healthier than it has been in a long time.

Your old couch will look like new again, but with that same butt-conforming comfort spot you have spent years cultivating on your favorite couch cushion and area on your couch. It’s worth the price to keep something old, familiar, and comfortable but renew it to something more presentable to guests.

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Why You Should Never Attempt to Clean the Couch with Other Chemicals

A lot of people tend to try at-home cleaning chemicals on their couches. This often ends in a very tragic situation for furniture because the chemicals are too strong, or not compatible with the fibers of the upholstery. For example, people will attempt to use bleach to remove a bloodstain, end up with glaring white spots that make it obvious that bleach was used. Then the bleach damage cannot be removed.

Other cleaning agents can eat holes in fibers like cotton or polyester, leaving you with rips and tears in the couch’s upholstery. The only way to fix this is to completely reupholster the couch or replace the couch, both of which are more expensive than just hiring pros to steam clean the couch from the start. Most professional couch steam cleaning companies charge around a hundred dollars or less to clean a couch. Compare that to the price of a new couch at hundreds to possibly thousands of dollars, and the cost of reupholstering a couch, which costs almost as much as buying new.

Professional Couch Steam Cleaning

What is recommended most for reviving dirty couches is professional steam clean? It is very much the same process for steam cleaning your carpets, with the exception of the tools and detergents involved. You also hire the same professionals that steam clean carpet to steam clean your couch.

To get an idea of how this process works on couches, take a look at the steps below:

  • Removable cushions are taken off the couch. This includes any back cushions that are not attached.
  • Couch is thoroughly vacuumed to remove as much loose debris and dust as possible.
  • Stain pre-treatment liquids are applied to really obvious stains.
  • While the stain pre-treatment sinks into the stains on the actual couch, attention shifts to vacuuming and cleaning the cushions.
  • Each cushion is cleaned back and front. Visible edges of seat cushions are also cleaned.
  • A special upholstery cleaner is used in the steam cleaning machine, which may either be truck-mounted or a pull-behind, depending on what floor you live on in your NYC abode.
  • The cleaner and dirty water are pulled from the cushions and they are allowed to dry.
  • The cleaning crew turns its attention back to the couch itself and uses the same cleansers and equipment on the arms, back, sides, and other upholstered areas of the couch.
  • If you so desire, the pros will apply a Teflon or Scotch coating to the couch and cushions. This prevents liquids and food stains from sinking into the upholstery and keeps your couch cleaner longer.
  • You have to allow the cushions and the couch to dry separately, but they are usually dry within an hour. When everything is dry to the touch, put the cushions back on the couch.

Ready to See the Difference and Save Your Couch?

When you are ready to renew and restore your old couch and you have made the decision to steam clean it rather than pitch it to the curb; schedule your appointment with 1 Guy With a Vac.
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